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Safety and Emergency Drills 


Oakville High School is committed to ensuring our schools continue to be safe places for students to learn and staff members to work. Our school is a very safe place, and we want to be prepared for any situation that might compromise the safety of our students and staff. All students practice emergency drills including fire, earthquake, tornado and intruder drills. Drills are a way for students and staff to be prepared to act in a crisis situation. What is an option-based response for intruder drills? Oakville teachers and staff members trained with the St. Louis County Police Department to expand upon what we can do to protect our students. Law enforcement has shown us how to lock-down, barricade a room, and evacuate (if possible) to a safe location outside the school building.


Throughout the school year, staff members will take what they have learned and apply it to the classroom level to better prepare students in case an intruder ever attempts to enter one of our schools. Why are we using the option-based intruder drill procedure? The safety of our students is of great importance. We continue to evaluate our emergency preparedness plans each year. The intruder drill protocols are recommended by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. These departments ask that all school districts teach students and staff options that may be available to them in a dangerous intruder situation.


What can parents do? Take time to talk with your children. Assure them that their teachers and staff members will do all they can to protect them during an emergency. Students can help by participating in intruder drills and doing the following: • Listening to all information that comes across the school communication system. • Following the instructions of the teacher or any person in charge. • Making sure to report if they see any outside doors that are propped open or left open. • Telling an adult if they know someone has plans to bring a weapon to school - whether they believe them or not. • Telling an adult if someone has brought a weapon to school - whether they saw it or not.


What other steps has Oakville taken to prepare for an emergency situation? Every external door is locked and visitor entrances must be accessed through an intercom/video management system to verify guests to the school. Our schools uses security cameras, evacuation areas, parent notification systems, and maintains a positive partnership with our first responders. Classroom doors have locks that allow teachers to secure them from inside the classroom. While no plan can completely prevent an act of senseless violence, we have school safety plans in place that are reviewed by law enforcement authorities and practiced by all staff.
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