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Per 4/29/2020 email

At Illinois College, we are all trying to do some of the same things, while planning for the future and hoping for things to be better very soon.
We have recently announced that we have created a 4-year clinical nursing program at Illinois College starting Fall 2020! I wanted to be sure you had all the information including requirements so you can share it with your students. We are still accepting applications for Fall 2020. 

We have already begun reaching out to students who were previously interested in IC and added an interest in nursing. We will be admitting students at two different levels based on high school GPA and test scores:

Direct Admit to Nursing 
Applicants must apply to IC with:
  • at least a 3.0/4.0 high school transcript GPA 
  • at least a 1100 SAT or 22 ACT score 
If applicants meet these criteria they will be designated direct entry to Nursing. They must receive at least a 2.75 GPA in prerequisite classes while at IC and receive no grades lower than a C in those same classes, to start the Nursing program at IC in the second semester of their sophomore year. 

Applicants who apply to IC with: 
  • a 3.0/4.0 high school transcript GPA 
  • lower than an 1100 SAT or 22 ACT score OR choose to apply without submitting test scores. 
These applicants will be designated as pre-nursing students. They must receive at least a 2.75 GPA in prerequisite courses while at IC and receive no grades lower than a C in those same classes to start the Nursing program at IC in the second semester of their sophomore year. 

Our partner nursing programs are still in place, but now the student won’t have to leave IC to finish their nursing education! More information and our official announcement including accreditation information can be found here

As always, if you would like to discuss the individual situations of particular students please feel free to contact me. 

Mikaela Morrison '19
Admission Counselor

Illinois College | 1101 West College Avenue | Jacksonville, IL 62650 | 217.245.3586 |

per 11/26/19 email

Being a first year student can definitely be a shock to the system if the college doesn’t take that transition seriously. It can be difficult to adjust to a new living environment, a new campus, a new schedule, and an entirely new classroom atmosphere. 

That’s why I’ve been talking about this with some of your students these past few weeks. I’ve been sharing some of the things that Illinois College does to make the transition smoother. I also want to pass along that same information to you:
  • We start everything with Ready, Set, GO! Future IC students pick one of these exclusive registration days and come and participate in activities, meet current students, and meet with their faculty registration advisor who will help them finalize their fall schedule. They’ll actually leave campus that day with their fall schedule in hand! 
  • Once new students move in, they are involved in Welcome Week activities that help them get acclimated to campus life. They’ll also take a First-Year Seminar course where their professor will help them adjust to college class expectations, while learning how to research, use the library, and more. 
  • And our classes themselves are really helpful to the whole transition process. These aren’t large lecture halls where professors don’t know their students' names. These are small, personal classes where our professors begin learning their student’s names, and getting to know them on the very first day. 
We know this is a big transition for most high school students. And I just want you to know that at Illinois College, we take extra time to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Thank you,

Mikaela Morrison '19
Admission Counselor

Illinois College | 1101 West College Avenue | Jacksonville, IL 62650 | 217.245.3586 |


per 9/25/19 email

As a new school year gets started, I just wanted to take a second to update you on some information I’ve been sharing with a few of your students recently.

I’ve started to get into the overall cost of Illinois College, and also what our students get here that many other colleges don’t offer.
  • Our small size allows us to work one-on-one with students and families to help them find every dollar available to help offset the cost.
  • Our transparency in pricing - What other school do you know that includes the cost of textbooks in the figures for tuition?
  • We meet a higher than average percentage of demonstrated financial need for families, and our graduates have lower debt than the national average.
  • We award merit-based scholarships ranging from $12,000 to full tuition and they get renewed every year.
  • We offer an AERO-STEM full tuition scholarship which includes research opportunities, academic coaching and career support services, as well as connections to STEM-field internships with our professional partners.
  • Our Finish in 4 Program guarantees that students will complete their degree on time - or the cost of the rest of their classes is on us. That saves families money.
Mikaela Morrison '19
Admission Counselor

Illinois College | 1101 West College Avenue | Jacksonville, IL 62650 | 217.245.3586 |

Per 2/21/19 email

You and I both know how difficult it can be to get a high school student to see down the road to their life after college. Fortunately, at Illinois College, I can guarantee we know how to make sure students are ready for life after graduation.

We combine the best of the small college feel with big college resources and opportunities. Class sizes are small in order for students and professors can develop working relationships. That leads to research opportunities, community service, leadership training, and study abroad opportunities.

Our Office of Career Services helps students right from the start. Susie Drake and her staff guide students through career research, teach them job search skills like interviewing effectively, and connect them with potential employers for internships and jobs - as well as providing career mentoring.

That’s why our motto is Graduate READY. It inspires us to find hands on experiences in everything we do so our students can go out into the world ready to immediately make a difference.  

At IC, we are still accepting new applications and are still awarding scholarships. Make sure you send my information to any of your students who are interested in IC and I will help them through the process.

If you have any questions about Illinois College, I’d love to talk with you about it.


Emily Smith
Senior Admission Counselor

 per 12/3 email

What kind of education will I get at Illinois College? If one of your students asked you that, what would you tell them?
This has come up a lot lately so I thought I’d reach out and pass along a few things that make IC the complete academic experience:
  • IC is all about innovation. Everything we do is intended to help students “Graduate Ready.” We have a lot of great programs to challenge our students and prepare them for a fast-changing working world. Our “BLUEprint” program makes sure students graduate with the skills they’ll need to be successful. We stress “active learning” like service learning projects in the community, internships, student-faculty research, and study abroad.
  • And I know you’ll love this part: Our “Finish in 4” guarantee means students stay on track and graduate in four years. That means no wasted time or money.
  • Small class sizes mean students build strong relationships with their professors, and the professors mentor them through graduation. It also means classes tend to be more active, with discussions, activities, and group projects.
That’s the Illinois College education in a nutshell.

Emily Smith
Senior Admission Counselor

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