2020 Summer Opportunities

AG Discovery 2020 - two week residential summer outreach program sponsored by different United States department of Agriculture programs for middle and high school students in partnership with selected universities.  For more information, visit aphis.usda.gove/agdiscovery


AVIATION SUMMER ACADEMY - academy and scholarship applications are due by March 27, 2020


Session 1: June 7-12, 2020
Session 2: July 5-10, 2020

The Saint Louis University Aviation Summer Academy is a six-day, five-night residential camp that invites students entering grades 11 and 12 to learn more about different areas of study and career paths in aviation.

During the academy, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology faculty, certified flight instructors and student mentors guide participants through hands-on activities in subjects that include flight science, aviation management, aerial navigation, aircraft design, unmanned aerial vehicles and air traffic control.

Academy participants also take flights in Saint Louis University airplanes with our certified flight instructors, participate in off-campus field trips and explore SLU’s campus.

If you have any questions please contact Amy Preis at amy.preis@slu.edu or 314-977-8443. Eligibility Rising high school juniors and seniors who currently have a 2.5 or higher GPA are eligible to participate. All application requirements must be met in order to be considered. Space is limited. 


BEST Pharmacy Summer Institute
Barnes-Jewish Hospital / Express Scripts / St. Louis College of Pharmacy

The mission of the BESt Pharmacy Summer Institute is to expose and prepare local multicultural students for a future career in healathcare, with an emphasis in pharmacy.  The program runs Monday, June 8 through Friday July 17.  Full time, multi-cultural freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students are eligible to participate.  Apply online at www.bestpharmacyinstitute.org by March 13.


Miami University - Summer Scholars Program
Session I - July 5 - July 17, 2020
Session II - July 19 - July 31, 2020
Apply by May 1, 2020:  http://miamioh.edu/admission/high-school/summer-scholars/


as of email dated 3/12/2020


Missouri S&T 2020 Summer Camps
Inspiring the Next Generation


Dear Educator, 

As you know, summer enrichment programs help to introduce and prepare students for exciting careers. 

At Missouri University of Science and Technology we offer a variety of summer camps and activities for students who are excited about and preparing for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) based careers.

We have a great line-up of camps, include a new one — Art of Science — which will have students exploring the flora and fauna of the Ozarks through photography, writing and multimedia art.

The following list highlights some of our more popular camps with options for grades 5-12. For a full listing, click here

Aerospace Camp

Rising 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders

Campers experience aeronautics and space flight from a ground-up perspective, as they learn about the history of flight, astronomy and space exploration. This three-day camp is filled with computer simulations, interactive teamwork activities and practical hands-on experiences.

Robotics Camp

Rising 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th graders 

The basic principles of robotics are covered during this hands-on program, including electronics, sensors, motor and servo-control, programming and control techniques as well as robotics applications in today’s society.

Girls Save the Planet

Rising 8th, 9th and 10th grade girls 

Young girls will dive into activities to learn about the environment, how our choices impact our planet and search for innovative ways to preserve our world for the next century!

Jackling "Intro" to Engineering

Rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders

Jackling Introduction to Engineering is a way for campers to explore over a dozen engineering disciplines and see first-hand what engineers actually do. Campers will complete hands-on activities in several different departments and see how their math and science talents can pave the way to rewarding careers!

CyberMiner Camp

Rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders

CyberMiner is great for high school juniors and seniors who love working with computers and digital technologies. Campers will enjoy hands-on computing activities in computer science, computer and electrical engineering, and information, science & technology.

Space — The Final Frontier

Rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders

In just five days, campers experience an intense hands-on challenge to design, build, and fly a small satellite, unlike anything they have been part of before. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is to take motivated high school students to the edge of outer space.

To get the word out to students at your school, please consider downloading the Summer Camp Flyer (pdf), and displaying it in your school, or sharing it electronically to students and families who may be interested.  

Visit summer.mst.edu, for the most current information on these and other programs. 

We appreciate you partnering with us in encouraging interest in STEM-focused programs. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us.


Sue Turner, Director
Michelle Wiginton, Coordinator
Professional and Continuing Education


Summer Camps→

Missouri University of Science and Technology
Global Learning - Professional and Continuing Education
G8 Norwood Hall, 320 West 12th Street, Rolla, MO 65409
573-341-6222 | Email: pce@mst.edu | Web: summer.mst.edu



College Experience at Missouri State 

The Missouri State University College of Education invites students to participate in a program for your freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Missouri State’s new Bear Partnership program encourages students to attend a week-long immersion program on the Springfield campus that will expose them to some of the opportunities they can expect from their college experience. It will be taking place this summer from June 7th - June 12th 2020.

Students will experience our campus and prepare themselves for college life by participating in ACT preparation sessions, attending workshops on different aspects of campus life, experiencing residence hall living, delving into various education careers, and exploring Springfield by attending local attractions. All of these activities are designed to familiarize your students with the college experience and give them the opportunity to start planning for college and their careers.  And – it is totally FREE!

Missouri is facing teaching shortages in all teaching fields.  We hope you will encourage your students to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and let us show them why we believe we are the best university, College of Education and teacher preparation institution in the state of Missouri!

Please visit the page below for application information.


Dr. James Satterfield - Department Head
Counseling Leadership and Special Education


Penn Engineering Summer Academy July 5 - July 25

Summer Academy priority application deadline February 28, 020 with Final application deadline of March 27, 2020.       https://esap.seas.upenn.edu/


Ringling College of Art & Design - PreCollege Summer Program
June 21 - July 18, 2020


SAME - Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) - St. Louis Post. 
SAME is a non-profit organization that has been supporting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) events for over 30 years and camps for almost 20 years.  The High School Construction and Engineering Camps provide a great opportunity for students to learn various aspects of construction and engineering through hands on experience.

Each year the St. Louis Post's Education and Mentoring Committee selects three high school students to sponsor. Sponsorship includes all travel expenses AND the entire camp tuition.  Surprisingly, each year we are in need of more applicants to receive this amazing opportunity.  

Attached is the camp flyer which contains application information.  If you could please share this information with potential applicants or possibly put me in touch with a science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics teachers to share with their students, I would greatly appreciate it.  Or if you know of any other means to get the word out please let me know.

Please feel free to call me at 314-221-5081 with any questions.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Maureen Roth, P.E.
Education and Mentoring Chair
Society of American Military Engineers - St. Louis Post
Ph. 314-221-5081


2020 SIUE Summer Success Program

July 5 – August 7, 2020

Program Benefits:

Students will…

  • Earn up to seven credit hours
  • Earn your Health Experience General Education requirement
  • Receive priority registration for spring courses
  • Build a supportive peer and professional network
  • Establish relationships with college faculty, student leaders, and staff
  • Become familiar with and utilize campus resources
  • Better understand academic expectations and college culture

Who is Eligible?

  • Students admitted to SIUE for Fall 2020
  • All students attending college for the first time who identify as first generation, low income and/or a student with a disability
  • Students must attend Springboard to Success

How Much Does It Cost?


We’ve got you covered! Students who meet the requirements and are selected to join the SIUE Summer Success Program will receive:

  • Summer tuition and fees                                              
  • Daily meals                                                      
  • Summer housing                    
  • Early fall housing assignment move-in
  • Social activities and weekend entertainment
  • Parking
  • Tutoring

How to Apply?

Complete the Summer Success Program application online  https://www.siue.edu/retention/summer-success-program.shtml or by scanning the QR code below.




per email dated 3/9/2020

Get a $100 discount when you register for an overnight camp by March 31.





June 21-26 &July 12-19

Tracks Offered


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering(Only offered June 21-26)
  • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Civil/Architectural Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical/Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Project Discovery
is a week long, intensive learning camp for high school students (entering grades 9-12 in fall 2020) with a day or overnight option. Campers choose from different engineering disciplines and work closely with KU faculty and graduate students as they complete a hands-on project. Held on KU’s Lawrence campus, students will get an up-close view of KU and the School of Engineering classrooms and labs. Get additional information and at:www.engr.ku.edu/camps.

Day Camp registration will open April 1.


  • Overnight- Sunday-Friday-Includes meals, housing and lab supplies
    • Register by March 31 for $895
    • Register after March 31 for $995
  • Day Camp- Monday-Friday 9am-5pm-Includes lunch and lab supplies
    • Registration opens April 1 - $395

Scholarships Available
A limited number of partial scholarships are still available for in-state applicants based on demonstrated financial need/economic hardship, academic criteria and a review of the requested student essay.Apply now.

Track Options
Aerospace Engineering
The week starts with an introduction to Aerospace Engineering, ranging from how airplanes fly to rockets and satellites in Space. Then we continue with the subject of how airplanes fly. The forces and moments acting on an airplane in flight namely, lift, drag, weight, thrust, pitching moment, rolling moment, and yawing moment are explained and demonstrated. The control surfaces of aircraft such as, aileron, elevator, rudder, as well as flaps and trim tabs will also be covered. The basics of helicopter flight will follow the purpose of the main and tail rotors, as well as the collective and cyclic pitch controls are explained. These subjects are clarified by the use of in-class video tapes, model airplane demonstrations, wind tunnel testing, etc. Then, the aerospace engines will be covered. In this part, the principle of operation of aircraft piston engines, jet engines, and rocket engines will be covered. Engine models, video tapes, engine animations, and engine simulators are used to support the lectures. Finally the supersonic flight, shock waves and sonic boom are covered. The morning lectures are supplemented by afternoon’s laboratory sessions of wind tunnel testing, water tunnel testing, running the jet engine simulator, flying the aircraft simulator, and finally a visit to our flight test facilities at Lawrence Airport and observing operational drones, airplanes, etc. Moreover, we include a tour of our young Cube Satellite programwhichaims to be the first Satellite launched from the state of Kansas.

Civil& Architectural Engineering –Two Options
Building a Sustainable Future -June 22-26
Participants will engage in hands-on engineering methods for creating livable and sustainable spaces and systems for modern communities. We will explore how engineers design systems to provide quality water to communities and discharge clean water and air to the environment. We will see the means for designing very low energy buildings, more efficient transportation systems, and future structures better able to withstand floods, hurricanes, and other extreme events.
Engineering for a Healthy Planet -July 13-17
Participants will engage in hands-on engineering methods for maintaining healthy air, water and soil. We will see how engineers design systems to provide quality water to communities and discharge clean water and air to the environment. We will explore the means for providing protection for communities against floods and other natural disasters, and we will discuss modern transportation systems, sustainable building materials and designs, and creating livable communities.

Biomedical Engineering
The Biomedical Engineering course track will explore topics in engineering related to the human body. Each day will have some instruction on related topics and hands-on experimental components including dissections, design, and fabrication. Different labs will be toured so that students can see the variety of research going on at KU in this exciting area.

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
The Chemical Engineering course exposes students to a breadth of opportunities available to people who work in this exciting, science-based field of engineering. Chemical engineers create many of the things people use every day, including pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices, foods, plastics, fuels, microelectronics and many more. To make these things, chemical engineers must be able to acquire the raw materials and carefully control chemical reactions of many kinds to convert them into the finished products in the desired composition, forms and performance. They must be able to do this safely and cost-effectively while protecting the environment.
This course teaches students the key concepts used by chemical engineers in a wide range of industries by performing a variety of hands-on experiments that illustrate these principles. Experiments in pharmaceuticals, materials science, regenerative medicine, biotechnology and more will be performed. Students who love using chemistry and biology to make things will use all of their senses to explore opportunities in this field.

Computer Science:Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning is the branch of artificial intelligence that will give us self-driving cars someday. It already is what Alexa and Siri use to understand our speech. In this camp, you will learn how to create software that utilizes machine learning tools to solve real world problems. Student will do coding on the state-of-the-art computers located in KU’s Min Kao Engineering Design Studios.

Electrical & Computer Engineering:Building Analog and Digital Circuits
The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) summer camp is a week-long, project based, camp where the students will learn the important fundamentals of ECE and how to construct both analog and digital practical electronic circuits. Examples of circuits under consideration will include digital circuits that comprise the building blocks or computers, automation systems, and robotics. Students will also practice in the lab the design and building of audio equalizers and amplifiers and body thermometers. Students will be learning fundamentals of radio communication systems that enable WiFi, smart phones, and TV broadcasting. In addition, students will also be exposed to ECE Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and programming tools used in industry. This course will help the students get a wider view on different aspects and applications within ECE, and will enable them determine if ECE match their interests. Finally, no prior electrical and computer engineering knowledge is required for participants.

Mechanical Engineering:The World of Entrepreneurial Engineering
Learn how to think creatively, come up with solutions to problems, and implement those solutions in electro-mechanical hardware to solve problems that really matter! This course is to introduce students to the field of mechanical engineering through an exploration of its core areas including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, material science, structural analysis, and electronics. By using principles and methods of design and analysis, students will be engaged through group work and project based learning in research and teaching laboratories.


Lindsey McCaig

Student Engagement & Outreach

KU School of Engineering

1135 Learned Hall





The University of Missouri - School of Medicine offers an exciting and informative summer experience for high school students interested in a career in medicine.  MU’s High School Mini Medical School is a one-week program that gives students a preview of life as an MU medical student. The program includes:

Hands-on experience in anatomy, microbiology, and clinical skills
Introduction to MU’s innovative patient-based learning (PBL) curriculum
Seminars on college and medical school entrance and medical school life

addition, students will attend special sessions with clinical and research specialists and have meaningful interactions with current medical students, faculty and staff of the School of Medicine. 

Mini Med School is intended for students who will begin their senior year in the Fall of 2020.  Selection criteria have been modified, and while Pre ACT, ACT, PSAT and SAT scores and GPAs are considered, the selection committee is very interested in the following:

  Student response to essay question
Academic effort and success
Involvement in extracurricular activities (school and community)
High school science teacher recommendation

 Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Financial assistance is available. Please help us reach students who you believe will benefit from this type of experience.

Interested high school juniors can find more application information at our website https://medicine.missouri.edu/education/pre-med-outreach-programs/mini-medical-school. Applications will be available after January 1st on that website and should be submitted electronically.  

The application deadline is March 1, 2020. 

For additional information please contact 573-884-8025 or umhssomminimed@health.missouri.edu.  


UMSL - Pre-Collegiate Programs - per email dated 6/9/2020

We are still accepting applications for the Middle School Academy (July 20 – July 31), Virtual Summer Academy (June 29 – July 10), and “Bridge to the ACT” Summer Intensive (June 22 – 26). Throughout these programmatic offerings, we will be serving rising 7th – 12th graders in the St. Louis area and beyond!





Webster University School of Communications Summer Camp 

Camps are open to high school-aged students (ages 14-18)
For more information and register, visit 


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