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update 5/27/2020

Student Reminders for Makeup Exams

Students who requested a makeup exam will receive either an email confirmation or additional information about their request on May 28. Makeup exams take place June 1–5. Get the full schedule, and view tips to help students prepare.

In their confirmation email, students will receive instructions about what to do if they have two exams at the same time. They should take one exam on the makeup date and request to take the other one during the June 22–30 exception testing dates.

Although the majority of students have successfully submitted their exams, we've instituted a backup email submission process for browser-based exams. This option will only be available for students who weren't able to submit in the standard process—and they must then email their responses immediately following their exam.

These students will see instructions about how to email their response on the page that says, "We Did Not Receive Your Response." The email address that appears on this page will be unique to each student and exam question. Email submissions are not available for AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Language and Culture exams.


update 5/26/2020

AP students who requested a makeup exam will be notified by the College Board via email on May 28.

AP students who've been scheduled for a makeup exam will automatically receive an email from the College Board containing their unique makeup exam e-ticket two days prior to each of their exams. Get the makeup exam schedule.

Update 5/5/2020

As you know, AP Exams begin on Monday, May 11. The College Board has outlined steps you should take to ensure that students are prepared to test.  Please review the following exam preparation steps provided from the College Board.


Get the 2020 AP Testing Guide (.pdf/10.37 MB) and watch the overview video. The comprehensive guide will help students walk through exam preparation, and the video gives a high-level overview of this year's exams.

Students should practice with the exam demoStudents and teachers now have access to an exam demo. Students should use the demo to practice the different ways to submit exam responses. World language students will be able to practice with the AP World Languages Exam App beginning the week of May 11.

View the required and recommended resource list .   Students must know what resources they can use during their exams and how they can access them.

Two Days Before Each Exam

Students should have located their e-ticket. Two days before each exam, students will receive an email with their unique exam e-ticket that includes their AP ID. On exam day, students will use their e-ticket to access the exam. If a student hasn't received their exam e-ticket by email, they can access it through their student account on My AP. E-tickets are nontransferable and shouldn't be shared with anyone. Students who haven't been receiving College Board emails still have time to confirm their contact information.

Students should complete the AP Exam Day Checklist (.pdf/513.39 KB) for each exam they're taking. Students should complete this checklist and keep a printed or handwritten copy with them for reference during testing. Completing the checklist will help students feel confident they're set up for success.

On Exam Day

Students should click their e-ticket to check in 30 minutes before exam start time. Students should allot 80 minutes for each exam—30 minutes to enter their AP ID, name, and other information, and 50 minutes to draft and submit their responses. Students should know their local testing time, since each subject's exam will be taken simultaneously worldwide.

Students should know what to do if something goes wrong. If a student accidentally closes the browser, their device crashes, or they temporarily lose internet access, they can quickly click their exam e-ticket again to return to the exam. They should continue the exam, and if they feel at the end of the exam that the temporary disruption negatively impacted their performance, they can request approval to take the makeup exam at can also request a makeup exam if they've lost too much time due to a technical problem, can't connect to their exam, or experienced some other serious disruption.

Additional Information

This week, Online AP Classes and Review Sessions will focus on the exam day experience and review new sample questions for all nonportfolio courses. These sample questions are available on each subject's course page.


Update 4/30/2020

  • Download your 2020 AP Testing Guide here.  The guide provides information about the AP exam ticket, steps to take before test day, understanding test day procedures, exam scores, credit, and placement.
  • Download your 2020 AP Exam Checklist here.  Students should complete this checklist for each exam they take and keep it next to them while testing.
  • Gain access to the AP Explainer Videos here.  These new videos are available to give students quick, easily accessible information about their test day experience, what they need to do to prepare, exam security, and more.
  • AP Exam Demo (available May 4): AP students should use the clickable exam demo to practice the different ways to submit their exam responses. The demo will help students confirm that their testing device will be able to access and run the online exam. If they can’t access the demo, the final slide of the Testing Guide can help them troubleshoot. The sample content in the demo will be the same for all users and isn't a practice exam. We’ll send educators and students an email to remind them when the demo is available. Please encourage your students to take this important preparation step.
  • Student Outreach - If any students are having difficulty receiving College Board emails, please follow the steps on the "Confirm your email address" page.
  • World Languages - The World Language exams will be administered using a new dedicated app, the AP World Languages Exam App. Students taking these exams must use this app on smartphones or tablets. This free app will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store the week of May 11. We’ll email students and their teachers to let them know when the app is available to download. Visit our site for more details.  A video walk-through of the test-taking experience will be available the week of May 4.  Details on accommodations for the above exams are also now available.  If your students are unsure about accessing the app, or if they don’t have a device, they can fill out this survey as soon as possible so we can help support them.
  • Music Theory Before exam day, students will need to print or hand-copy the 2020 Music Theory Answer Sheet and gain access to an audio recording app or software before exam day. Please see more information on the website.

Update 4/2020

On April 13, the AP program emailed all AP students who are registered to take exams—offered this year in an at-home, online format—to understand their current plans. The College Board wants to reach as many students as possible; however, not all students opened or responded to their emails. Please check your email account for the information sent from the AP program on April 13, and do your best to respond in a timely manner.  Their objective is to prevent students from missing out on the chance to earn college credit due to lack of support or information.

  • Exams will take place between May 11-22.  The late testing period will be June 1-5.  To see the detailed exam schedule, click here.
  • Most exams will be open book/open note.  Exams will be 45 minutes long and consist of 1-2 free response questions.  For tips on taking the open book/open note exams, click here.
  • Students will be able to take exams on any device they have access to - computer, tablet, or smartphone.  You can either type and upload responses or you can hand write responses, take a picture of it with your phone, then submit it.  If you do not have access to a device or the technology needed for on-line testing, the College Board will help you.  Click here for help.
  • Foreign Language exams - Students taking AP world language and culture exams will complete two spoken tasks consistent with free-response questions three and four on the current AP Exam; written responses will not be required. More information to come in the testing guide expected in late April.
  • AP Art and Design - Students will submit 3 Selected Works and 10 Sustained Investigation works through a digital platform.  No pieces will be shipped to the College Board this year.  More info to come.
  • E-mail - The College Board will be sending exam preparation material and access to the exam itself through the email account entered in the student's MyAP classroom account.  The College Board recommends that the student uses a personal email account and not a school-generated account.  They fear school filters may block some of the content needed for exam preparation.  Students, please check your MyAP account to make sure the email address you used is an active, working email.
  • Students should expect to receive a testing guide from the College Board in late April.  The testing guide will include information about accessing the exam on exam day.  Students should be sure to check the testing guide for exam submission procedures.  Depending on the device you are using for the exam, your submission procedures may be different.  On exam day, submission time is limited to 5 minutes.
  • AP STUDENTS - Here is the link to the AP website for students.  Here you will find exam preparation help, the exam schedule, and even a link to YouTube channels intended to help you prepare.
  • AP PARENTS - Please be proactive in staying up-to-date on information coming out from the College Board regarding AP testing.  Click here to access the AP Updates web page.  You can also follow the College Board on Twitter at @CollegeBoard.


Changes to the AP Program for 2019-2020

Students planning to take AP (Advanced Placement) courses in 2019-2020 must be aware of major changes coming to the exam registration process.  The most notable changes the College Board has implemented for 2019-2020 are:

  •  Register and pay for exams by November 8, 2019.  Exams are $97 each
  •  Exams ordered after November 8, 2019, will incur an additional $40 charge.
  •  Unused or canceled exams will also incur a $40 charge

AP Exams will take place May 4-15, 2020.  Exam registration is now open.  To order an exam, students must complete both of the following:

  1. Log into their College Board AP account ( and select REGISTER FOR EXAM for each AP exam they plan to take.
  2. Log onto the Rev Trak website in order to register and pay for their exam(s).  The Rev Trak website can be accessed under the PAY ONLINE tab on the OHS website or click  Rev Trak website

Please note a service fee of 3.7% will apply for using Rev Trak. 

Students must complete both steps by November 8 to achieve the lowest possible cost for testing, $97 per exam.  Please contact the AP coordinator, Chris Ventimiglia, with any questions at or (314)467-7102.


Advanced Placement (AP) 2019-2020 school year

Advanced Placement (AP) enables students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school.  AP courses, each culminating in a rigorous exam given exclusively in May, provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement or both.  OHS offers AP courses in Art History, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, European History, French Language, German Language, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Music Theory, Physics, Psychology, Spanish Language and Culture, Statistics, Studio Art, U.S. Government and Politics, U.S. History, and World History.

Students are not required to take an AP course prior to taking an exam.  College credit policies based upon AP exam scores may be found by checking college catalogs/websites or by using the AP Credit Policy search at

The cost of each AP exam is $97.  OHS students choosing to take an AP exam will be required to pay the full amount for each exam they want to take by the deadline date.  Registration and payment deadline is NOVEMBER 8, 2019.

Exams ordered after November 8 will incur an additional $40 charge.

Students should be certain they will take the AP exams they sign up for as there is a $40 fee for any ordered but unused exam.  Students are encouraged to pay through Rev Trak.   Please note a service fee of 3.7% will apply for using Rev Trak. 
Rev Trak website

Students who are either enrolled or eligible to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch Program may qualify for a College Board fee reduction on all AP exams they take in a given year.  Qualified students should see the AP Coordinator for more details.

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations on AP exams.  Detailed information regarding this process is available at  The deadline for submitting requests for testing accommodations to the College Board is January 17, 2020.  Students wishing to apply for accommodations must make a written request to the AP Coordinator by January 10, 2020.

Additional information about the AP program, courses, and exam schedule may be found at  The AP Coordinator for Oakville High School is Chris Ventimiglia (Office: 467-7102/ Email: if you have questions or concerns.  


Advanced Placement Off-Campus testing for Spring 2020

For students interested in taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams in the spring of 2020, testing will be held during the first two weeks of May, as scheduled by the College Board.  The testing location will be at St. Louis Community College South County campus (4115 Meramec Bottom Road).  Students planning to test in any area, except foreign language or Music Theory, should plan on taking their AP exam(s) at the STLCC South County campus.  Off campus testing gives our students the best opportunity to maximize their scores by minimizing distractions, improving testing conditions, and eliminating logistical issues that exist when testing at Oakville High School.  Due to the technology needed to complete the foreign language and Music Theory exams, their testing locations will remain at Oakville High School.


Per the College Board schedule, there will still be morning and afternoon exam sessions, beginning promptly at 8:00am and 12:00am respectively.  Students taking a morning exam will need to provide their own transportation to the STLCC South Campus understanding that testing will begin promptly at 8:00am.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam.  A shuttle will be provided to take students back to Oakville after their morning exam is over, if necessary.  A shuttle will also pick up students from Oakville for afternoon exams at approximately 11:10am and take them to the STLCC South Campus.  Students taking an afternoon exam will need to make sure they arrange for a ride home once testing is finished.  Most afternoon exams will not conclude until approximately 3:30pm. 


Students who have a parking spot at Oakville High School and typically drive to school can drive their own cars to the off-campus testing site.  Students who are driving themselves or riding with another student must turn in a Driving Permission Form complete with parent/guardian signature.  Students must be on time as no one will be allowed in the testing rooms after testing has begun.  Food and drink is not permitted in the testing rooms, unless approved by the College Board, so students should make arrangements to eat lunch either before or after testing.  Cell phones and other electronic devices are also prohibited in the exam rooms.  If a student brings an electronic device to the exam room, it will be collected by the exam proctor and returned to the student after the exam is over.  There will be a testing coordinator on hand at STLCC to help students find their exam rooms.  Please contact the AP coordinator, Chris Ventimiglia, with questions at (314) 467-7102 or

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